MAALL Discussion List

Access and Usage

All current MAALL members are able to read and post to the MAALL discussion list, hosted through Google Groups.

To post to the list, send an email message to

You can also log in to a Google account that uses the same email as your MAALL membership email to view the group. This allows you to see the list archive. The MySettings button in the upper right allows you the option of customizing your email delivery preferences. For instance, you can receive messages as a daily summary (digest) rather than receiving them individually as they are posted. The settings button allows you to change the appearance of the group, such as display density and theme.


If you are not receiving list messages, please add to your safe senders list. You may want to consult these instructions for adding addresses to your safe senders list in a wide variety of email platforms.

If you try to send an email or log into the group and get a message that you are not a member, first check to make sure you are using the same email account or Google account that is associated with the email address you use for the MAALL list. (In most cases, this is the same address you use to log into Wild Apricot.)

If you are using the same email address and still encounter problems, please contact MAALL President Matthew Braun or the Membership Committee chair (Vacant) to request individual assistance.

You also might find it useful to consult the Google Groups Help pages.
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