MAALL Committees: 2020-2021

To volunteer for one or more MAALL committees for 2020-2021, please click here.

Bylaws Committee
Charge: Propose and submit changes, additions, and deletions to MAALL Bylaws

Board Liaison: Rebecca Lutkenhaus

Chair: Timothy Gatton

Lee Little 
Clanitra Nejdl
Brenna Truhe
Michael Whiteman

Education Committee
Charge: Prepare the upcoming Annual Meeting program and recommend other educational possibilities for MAALL.

Board Liaison and Chair:
 Christopher Steadham

Therese Clarke Arado
Cindy Bassett
Megan Donald
Lynn Hartke
Benjamin Keele
Miriam Murphy
Ted Potter

Grants Committee
Charge: Establish criteria for award of grants, publicize availability, and select recipients. (Note: Members of the committee cannot apply for MAALL grants.)

Board Liaison: Autumn Collier

Chair: Eric Brust

Janet McKinney
Matt Novak
Rena Seidler
Eric Young

Library School Liaison
Charge: Encourage the involvement of library school students in MAALL and in law librarianship in general.

Board Liaison: Autumn Collier

Chair: Steven Probst

Chelsey McKimmy
Shannon Kemen
Miriam Murphy
Le'Shawn Turner

Local Arrangements Committee 
Charge: Coordinate local arrangements for the annual meeting.

Board Liaison: Matthew Braun

Chair: Miriam Murphy

Vendor Relations: Susan deMaine

Hannah Alcasid
Benjamin Keele
Lee Little
Rena Seidler
Larissa Sullivant

Local Arrangements Manual 

Membership Committee
Charge: Encourage law librarians, law library staff, and library school students in our region to join MAALL in coordination with the Public Relations Committee; welcome new members; ensure that the MAALL directory and discussion list are accurate; and contact members who fail to renew.

Board Liaison: Gail Wechsler

Chair: Deanne Fix

Jeannette Mazur
Ted Potter

Newsletter Committee

Charge: Publish the quarterly newsletter, MAALL Markings, on the Web and explore ways of expanding its content.

Board Liaison: Lacy Rakestraw

Editor-in-Chief: Therese Clarke Arado
Associate Editor: Sarah Kammer
Layout Editor: Brent Greyson
Assistant Layout Editor: Amy Backes
Photography Editor: Matthew Braun
State Member News Editor: Hyla Bondareff
State Member News Liaisons: 
Melissa Serfass (AR), Rebecca Lutkenhaus (IA), Lindsey Carpino (IL), Pam Crawford (KS), Stefanie Pearlman (NE), Deanne Fix (MO), Susan Urban (OK), Sarah Kammer (SD), Leslie Behroozi (IN, ND, OH, TN, & WI)
Columnists: Gail Wechsler, Matt Timko, Jill Kilgore, Autumn Collier, Jeannine Linnane

Nominating Committee

Charge: Select a slate of candidates for elected offices.

Board Liaison and Chair: Lacy Rakestraw

Allison Reeve Davis
Deanne Fix
Heidi Kuehl
Creighton Miller

Public Relations Committee
Charge: Submit announcements for inclusion in AALL Spectrum and prepare MAALL display for AALL exhibit hall.

Board Liaison: Gail Wechsler

Chair: Courtney Segota

Susan Boland
Cathy Chick
Steven Probst
Matt Timko

Website Committee
Charge: Responsible for the design, organization and maintenance of the association website.

Board Liaison: Matt Timko

Chair: Susan Boland

Dorie Knight
Jackie Lemmer
Colleen Williams

MAALL History Committee (ad hoc)

Charge: Review list of MAALL officers and posted MAALL history.

Board Liaison: Rebecca Lutkenhaus

Chair: Dorie Knight

Pam Crawford                                                                    
Ann Fessenden          
Debbie Mayfield
Ted Potter

Task Force: UELMA Passage in MAALL States

Charge: Monitor and advocate for UELMA passage in MAALL states.

Board Liaison: Rebecca Lutkenhaus

Chair: Benjamin Keele

Matt Timko
Colleen Williams

Task Force: Vision Planning

Charge: Develop goals that MAALL can accomplish over the next three years. Working from the 2016-19 Strategic Plan, the Task Force created the 2020-2023 Plan.

Board Liaison and Chair: Matthew Braun

Allison Reeve Davis
Hans Herzl-Betz
Heidi Kuehl
Rebecca Lutkenhaus

Task Force: MAALL Technology (on hiatus)

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