How to Post a Job

  • 16 Aug 2018 9:09 AM
    Message # 6576939
    Karen Wallace (Administrator)

    MAALL members may post jobs by creating a topic in the Job Openings forum. (You have to be logged into the MAALL site to see the Create Topic button.)

    Suggested style:

    * Put the job title and library in the subject line.

    * The body can provide a summary and link to full job descriptions and application procedures.

    * For any link you add, be sure to activate it by highlighting the text, clicking the chain icon in the formatting menu, clicking insert link, and then inputting your URL in the website URL or email box.

    Click confirm at the bottom to save the post.

    If you later need to edit (or delete) the post, be sure you are logged in to the MAALL site. Then click on your post name and then the edit or delete link.

    Please delete the topic when the position fills.
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