MAALL 2020 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

Get your program proposals in by April 30, 2020!  Fill out the Google Form here to submit.

Join your colleagues October 22-24 at the 2020 MAALL Annual Meeting in beautiful Indianapolis, where the theme is Setting the Pace!

What does Setting the Pace mean to you? Does it mean trying some new approach to your work to benefit your organization, your colleagues, or yourself? Does it mean learning, embracing, and teaching some new process or technology to benefit attorneys, judges, faculty, students, or the public? Does it mean imparting your knowledge and experiences to your fellow legal information professionals?

Hopefully, the answer to each of these is YES. And, hopefully, you'll consider saying YES to sharing your experiences with us at the Annual Meeting through presenting a program session or a poster session.

Anyone may submit a proposal, regardless of MAALL membership status. Presenters are required to pay the Annual Meeting registration fee. Registration details will be announced this summer.


Please use this Google Form to submit program and poster proposals. Please submit your proposals by April 30, 2020.

Session descriptions should be 100 words or less, suitable to be included in the final Annual Meeting materials.

Here are some details to get you started with your proposal(s):


Any topic of importance to law librarians and/or law librarianship is valid. Sample theme connections are:

  • Setting the Pace by recognizing environmental influences and preparing for changes (certainly programs or posters on COVID-19 protocols apply here)
  • Setting the Pace with new schemes for planning and assessing
  • Setting the Pace with new ways of teaching technology literacy and skills
  • Setting the Pace with sharpened personal skills and strategies for success and happiness
  • Setting the Pace by implementing new ways of reaching and engaging core patrons
  • Setting the Pace by facilitating partnerships with other law libraries and other areas of the profession
Program Formats

Program sessions can be 45 or 60 minutes. Programs can follow a variety of formats, which are detailed in the Google Form.


Please contact a member of the MAALL Education Committee to ask about the submission process, to seek suggestions for potential contributors, or to get additional information:

Matthew Braun (chair) – University of Illinois –

Miriam Murphy – Indiana University-Indianapolis –

Therese Clarke Arado – Northern Illinois University –

Lynn Hartke – Saint Louis University –

Ted Potter – University of Iowa –

Benjamin Keele – Indiana University-Indianapolis –

We hope to see you in Indy this fall!
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