Develop a Winning Strategy:

Potential Program Topics

Are you looking for an opportunity to present but do not know what topic to cover?  Take a look at the list below for some topics suggested by chapter members and theme connections.

Possible topics:

  • Assessing library services and collections
  • Assessing institutional or learning outcomes
  • New ABA standards related to assessment
  • Demonstrating your value

Big Issues in Law and Librarianship
  • Access to justice
  • Recent calls to improve mental health & substance abuse in the legal profession
  • Patron privacy
  • Ethical issues in law and librarianship

  • Format selection and management
  • Collection development plans
  • Collaborative collection development

  • Team Innovation
  • How to Innovate

(Using "game elements and game-design techniques in non-game contexts to educate or motivate people.")
  • Gamification in education
  • Gamification in employee training and development


  • Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data-driven decision making (e.g., Using ALLStar)

Marketing and Relationship Building

    • Team Building
    • Engaging with your attorneys, judges, faculty, students, or other segments of your community
    • Collaborating with other libraries
    • Developing a marketing plan
Professional Development
    • Increasing self-awareness and developing strategies for work success
    • Helping students and new attorneys develop strategies and skills for success
    • Developing a personal continuing education plan
    • Staying current with changing technologies and other demands
    • Increasing your teaching/training effectiveness
    • Virtual reality
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Discovery tools
    • Link rot and disappearing government information
    • Cool apps and tools
    • Asynchronous instruction (e.g., through research guides, videos, and online tutorials)

  • Theme connections:

    • Undertaking strategic initiatives
    • Planning and assessing
    • Developing search strategies
    • Developing win-win relationships
    • Developing personal skills and strategies for success
    • Incorporating creativity and play into your work
    • Identifying rules and patterns
    • Predicting environmental influences and future events
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