MAALL, LLAW, MichALL, MALL, and CALL 2017 Joint Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

Better Together

Milwaukee, WI
October 19 - October 21

Venue: Milwaukee Marriott Downtown 

Help us make this another exceptional conference by submitting a program proposal!


Anything of interest to law librarians! Need ideas? This list of program ideas can get you started. Please contact the Annual Meeting Program Committee if you need help developing your program idea.


Program sessions can be a variety of lengths (30 to 75 minutes) and formats.The Committee encourages programs that allow for audience participation, idea sharing, and will appeal to librarians in a variety of positions and institutions.

Consider the other following formats:

  • Speaker(s) - One or two people present on a topic or idea.
  • Panel discussion - Three to five speakers each present briefly on a topic, may be moderated.
  • Roundtable - A discussion of a topic proposed by a moderator; intended to be small groups.
  • Salon - Similar to a roundtable, a moderator chooses a video/book/other media and discussion points, and all attendees participate in the conversation.
  • Ignite session - Four to six speakers present short, timed presentations
  • Anything else you can come up with that will be relevant and engaging!


Please complete the program proposal form by April 17, 2017. If you have questions about the process of submitting a proposal, would like to get additional information, or would like suggestions for potential collaborators, please contact your chapter liaison:

Joint Education Committee

  • Therese Clarke Arado – Northern Illinois University College of Law (MAALL)
  • Kathleen Gamache – Clark Hill, Detroit (MichALL)
  • Emily Gellings - Reinhart Boener Van Deuren (LLAW)
  • Patrick Meyer – Detroit Mercy Law (MichALL)
  • Elana Olson – Marquette University (LLAW)
  • Ted Potter – University of Iowa (MAALL)
  • Lacy Rakestraw – St. Louis County Law Library (MAALL)
  • Leanna Simon - Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn (MichALL)
  • Kris Turner – University of Wisconsin (LLAW)
  • Karen Wallace – Drake University (MAALL)
  • Clare Willis – Northwestern University (CALL)
  • Charles Wilson – Lindquist & Vennum(MALL)

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