2014 Annual Meeting Presentation Materials

A-1: Where Are We? Are We There Yet? How Did We Get Here? MAALCO E-book Program Slides

B-1: Lessons Learned: In-house Video Streaming - The Process, Perils, and Promise Slides

B-2: The Silver Lining of Downsizing Slides

C-1: Ignite Marketing Slides  Thompson Coburn Infographic  Operation Collaborate - Marketing for MAALL Libraries  Tweet Treats

C-2: Teaching About Our Online Catalog from the Tech Services Side Slides

D-1: Ignite Cool Tools  Slides

E-2: Fast Forward to Better Signage and Wayfinding in Your Library Slides

G-1: Google Plus - Getting the Most Out of Gmail and Google Apps for Education Slides  Handout (add your follow up questions to the handout)

E-1: Teaching Technology to the "Techie" Generation Slides

F-1: Leveraging LinkedIn Handout

F-2 Copyright and Fair Use: Exercising Rights, Managing Risk, and an Update from the Courts Slides

H-1: How I Converted 30 Old Laptops to Attractive Digital Displays Slides

I-1: "We are Family - I Got All My Mentors and Mentees with Me...": The Family Tree of Mentoring Slides

I-2: The Boulder Statements, AALL Information Legal Standards, Oh My -- What's Going on With Legal Research Instruction?  Cycle of Law Student Information Literacy Slides  Boulder Conference Slides

J-1: The Evidence Suggests...: Incorporating Data into Decision Making Slides  Handout

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