2014 Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL
October 5 - October 7

Venue: Standard Club, 320 S. Plymouth Ct.


The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on October 5-7 (Sunday–Tuesday) in Chicago, Illinois. The theme this year is Fast Forward and we are shaking up the Annual Meeting with some new programing ideas to go along with that theme.

Program Topics: Any topic of interest to law librarians! Stumped for an idea? Find sample topics here!

Format: Program sessions can be a variety of lengths (30 to 75 minutes) and formats. The Committee would like to encourage some kind of active learning in every program - audience participation, question and answer, small group discussion, etc.

New format this year!

Ignite sessions will have 4-6 speakers who present a short, timed slide presentation. Each session will have a central theme, such as marketing, legal research training, management, and technical services. This format is perfect for newer members who want to get their feet wet or members who have a short blast of an idea to shoot out there. Each session will need a moderator so let the committee know if you are interested in this role.

Consider the other following formats:

Speaker(s) - One or two people present on a topic or idea.
Panel Discussion - Three to five speakers each present briefly on a topic, may be moderated.
Roundtable - A discussion of a topic proposed by a moderator; intended to be small groups.
Salon - Similar to a roundtable, a moderator chooses a video/book/other media and discussion points, and all attendees participate in the conversation.

Submission: Please complete the proposal form by March 28th, 2014. If you have questions about the process of submitting a proposal, would like to get additional information, or would like suggestions for potential collaborators please contact a member of the Education Committee:

Cindy Bassett (Chair) (573) 884-9150 bassettcw@missouri.edu
Marcia Dority Baker (402) 472-8307 mdoritybaker2@unl.edu
Susan Boland (513) 556-4407 susan.boland@uc.edu
Corie Dugas (314) 977-3449 cdugas@slu.edu
Rebecca Lutkenhaus (515) 271-2053 rebecca.lutkenhaus@drake.edu
Scott Vanderlin (312) 906-5676 svanderlin@kentlaw.iit.edu
Deborah L. Rusin (312) 902-5675 deborah.rusin@kattenlaw.com

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