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    The Continuing Education Task Force is proposing the use of forums to facilitate discussing the content of webinars from AALL. This seems like a good place to start with guidelines for all forums:

    • Should there be one moderator for a forum, or is that a case-by-case decision? Who should decide - the Exec Bd?
    • Should the moderator be allowed to restrict membership in the forum? I can see limiting membership to those who attend a webinar, but should most forums be available to any MAALL member?
    • Should each member be allowed to read and post comments, or read, post comments, and add a new topic? Perhaps it would be best to have the moderator be the only one to add new topics
    • WA allows a forum page to summarize the latest news from the forums - do we want to have summaries for everyone to see, or is that a case-by-case decision?

    What else needs to be considered? Thanks for your comments!


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