MAALL Committees 2018-19

Bylaws Committee
Charge: Propose and submit changes, additions, and deletions to MAALL Bylaws

Board Liaison: Therese Clarke Arado

Chair: Timothy Gatton


Education Committee
Charge: Prepare the upcoming Annual Meeting program and recommend other educational possibilities for MAALL.

Board Liaison and Chair:
Lacy Rakestraw

Cindy Bassett
Sarah Kammer
Jackie Lemmer
Miriam Murphy

Grants Committee 
Charge: Establish criteria for award of grants, publicize availability, and select recipients. (Note: Members of the committee cannot apply for MAALL grants.)

Board Liaison: Rena Seidler

Chair: Eric Brust

Janet McKinney
Matt Novak
Rena Seidler

Library School Liaison
Charge: Encourage the involvement of library school students in MAALL and in law librarianship in general.

Board Liaison: Allison Reeve

Chair: Ben Keele

Shannon Kemen
Miriam Murphy
Heather Storms

Local Arrangements Committee 
Charge: Coordinate local arrangements for the annual meeting.

Board Liaison: Lacy Rakestraw

Chair: Erika Cohn

Eric Brust
Trevor Chandler
Yael Davis
Deann Fix
Lynn Hartke
Aris Woodham

Local Arrangements Manual 

Membership Committee
Charge: Encourage law librarians, law library staff, and library school students in our region to join MAALL in coordination with the Public Relations Committee, welcome new members, ensure that the MAALL directory and discussion list are accurate, and contact members who fail to renew.

Board Liaison: Chris Steadham

Co-Chairs: Sarah Peterson Herr

Jeannette Mazur
Allison Reeve

Newsletter Committee
Charge: Publish the quarterly newsletter, MAALL Markings, on the Web and explore ways of expanding its content.

Board Liaison: Lacy Rakestraw

Chair & Editor: Lacy Rakestraw
Associate Editor: Therese Clarke Arado
Layout Editor: Sarah Kammer
Photography Editor: Matthew Braun
State Member News Editor: Hyla Bondareff
State Member News Liaisons:
Melissa Serfass (AR), Julie Thomas (IA), Lindsey Carpino (IL), Pam Crawford (KS), Autumn Collier (MO),  (NE), Susan Urban (OK), Sarah Kammer (SD), Leslie Behroozi (IN, ND, OH, TN, & WI)
Columnists:  Lacy Rakestraw, Matt Timko, Barbara Gonzalez, Jill Kilgore, Autumn Collier, Jeannine Linnane

Nominating Committee
Charge: Select a slate of candidates for elected offices.

Board Liaison and Chair: Therese Clarke Arado

Heidi Kuehl
Creighton Miller
Stefanie Pearlman
Ted Potter

Public Relations Committee
Charge: Submit announcements for inclusion in AALL Spectrum and prepare MAALL display for AALL exhibit hall.

Board Liaison: Jessie Burchfield

Chair: Matt Braun

Cathy Chick
Courtney Segota

Website Committee
Charge: Responsible for the design, organization and maintenance of the association website.

Board Liaison: Jessie Burchfield

Chair: Matt TImko

Webmaster: Ayyoub Ajmi

Matt Braun
Jackie Lemmer
Jeannine Linnane

MAALL History Committee (ad hoc)

Charge: Review list of MAALL officers and posted MAALL history.

Board Liaison: Karen Wallace

Chair: Heather Campbell

Pam Crawford
Ann Fessenden
Debbie Mayfield

Task Force: UELMA Passage in MAALL States

Charge: Monitor and advocate for UELMA passage in MAALL states.

Board Liaison: Karen Wallace

Chair: Matt Novak

Matt Timko
Colleen Williams

Task Force: Vision Planning

Charge: Develop goals that MAALL can accomplish over the next three years. Working from the 2016-19 Strategic Plan, the Task Force has created a draft 2020-2023 Plan.

Board Liaison: Karen Wallace

Karen Wallace

Heidi Kuehl
Rebecca Lutkenhaus
Allison Reeve

Task Force: MAALL Technology (on hiatus)

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